June Bugs

Summer has arrived in South West France… although someone has yet to tell Mother Nature (we wonder if she’s still sleeping off what seems to be a rather long winter!)  But no matter… it’s June and the roses are blooming and our busy season is well underway.

And we do love to be busy which is just as well because as well as singing with The Candies we each are involved in other groups and tend to be on the road, or singing, or rehearsing or just generally being creative… in short it’s a great time to be a musician in France.

Here’s a few photos from our last couple or weeks… the last video is from a FABULOUS 30th Wedding Anniversary party last night.  I only say this because someone mentioned that they didn’t realise we performed at private parties… so we wanted to say we do 🙂  We love these evenings; so if you’re planning a big event then drop us a line… The Candies love a good party ❤


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