Easter Bunnies

Yeah! The Candies are back from our respective spring holidays and we’re back on the fabulous AmaDulce in Bordeaux.  Tonight we joined the ship at Bourg sur Gironde, a pretty little vineyard town on the banks of the Gironde estuary. We’re thrilled to be part of the Ama Entertainment crew again this year and keen to perform our new AMA set.

We were welcomed aboard and told that our audience tonight were wine growers from California… and what a fabulous group they were!

It would be fair to say that our guests started dancing from the very first song and kept the dance floor full all night… and they sang along with us too.  We do love our job but goodness it’s even more fabulous when we receive such a rousing response!

Happy Easter everyone; we hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did!


p.s. here’s some feedback from our Facebook page…

Thanks Ladies for a great night of entertainment on our 🚢 cruise!! Loved the Motown and Disco music that got our group on our feet!! Awesome time!

You three were AWESOME! Come back!!!

The Candy Stripes almost undocked the boat! You were amazing💕💕💕

The Candies LOVE Ama ❤

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