Candy Knights

b7It’s high summer and Music Monday at the Etang Vallier Resort Clubhouse… so obviously that means a Disco Diva Dance Party!

However, the weather was not playing ball today; France Meteo had issued an Orange Alert for storms and heavy rain starting at around 11:00 pm. After a flurry of emails it was agreed that we would move our party inside the clubhouse.

The weather might have been dampening our spirits but the good folks of Brossac and Etang Vallier did not… these folks love to party!

The night was going well… busy bar and restaurant… lots of noise, holiday makers making merry and a full dance floor but partway through Reach Out the girls wondered why Colleen had turned off the music and made a swift exit from the stage… she had seen a hornet! This though was not just any hornet but a calsberg kind of hornet that was not welcome at a candy party!

Fortunately several knights in shining armour came forward and removed the said beastie and the party could continue without further incident.

Typically the storm never arrived until the early hours… but that’s ok because we had yet another FAB night at Brossac!

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