It’s no secret that The Candies love a little vintage.  We love the music, the fashion, the styling… even the lipstick! and it appears we’re not alone. Today I read an article on about the five hottest trends in 2017… and you guessed it…  Vintage is # 2!  They say that the vintage wedding trend is still going strong, with vintage styling and old style Hollywood glamour remaining as popular as ever.

So I started searching and they are right, over and over again VINTAGE is soooo 2017!  Not just for weddings but parties and particularly afternoon tea parties, champagne receptions, corporate events and even hen parties!  So, if you are planning a special event and you want to be right on trend go VINTAGE… and then invite The Candies along to give your party a real touch of PAZAZZ!


You can read the full article here

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