A Little Taster

The music you decide upon for your wedding can either make or break the day.  Folks can go away with memories of a great party or… well they may not.

This makes the task of picking a band from a distance doubly hard.  When you’re booking a band you want to be sure of what you’re getting.  Studio recordings may not 100% represent how a band sounds live; rest assured ours were recorded live, all singing together without studio trickery and they totally represent us… but I hear you say ‘you would say that’.

To help you make your choices we thought we’d add a little video into the mix.

In November we sang at the Brides in France end of season event for wedding professionals in France… at the beautiful Chateau de Lisse.  And on December 5th we joined REPLAY, singing a short showcase for the Dordogne Ladies Association Christmas party.

We filmed both events on a mobile phone… and here are the results… it’s not professional, just three sassy girls singing a few great tunes!

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